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At Doctors' Quiz we believe that knowledge is endless. So we are always looking for energetic medical professionals/students who have in-depth knowledge of there field/subject.
If you think you can provide us new/self made mock tests/questions or notes related to medical subjects/examination of our country. Feel free to drop a mail at stating your name, occupation and how you will contribute to Doctors' Quiz. We are always willing to share our profit with our contributors.
Yes you can contribute FREE tests/notes to Indian medical students.The FREE tests/Notes you will provide us will go to our FREE section that is we will provide the same test/notes completely free to our users/students. Contributors who wants to share there knowledge FREE to students can contact us there photo and name will be displayed in our About page if they are willing to get famous.
Doctors' Quiz is the top Medical Online test and notes provider in the country as per our Alexa ranking. Also we are always willing to share our profit with our contributors. For more detail contact us via mail :
Our policy is very simple. Any mock/subject wise test or notes that our contributors provide us should be there own i.e they holds the copy-write for that material only.
Mail ( ) us your doubt.