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Step 1 : Register yourself with us from our Home page providing correct email (important) id and phone number. After registering check your registered email we will immediately send you a mail (inbox/spam folder)from click the verification link to verify that you are the sole owner of this email address.

Note: A valid email id and phone number is must to access our free/paid mock, subject wise tests and notes. We never share your email id and phone number to third party as per our policy. Your email and phone number are just to verify that you are a genuine person. We will only sms/call you if your payment have some problem or If in our tests/mocks you will come under top 3 all India rank (AIR) in our website to let you know what FREE gift we are willing to give you.

Step 2: Go to Pricing Tab select the exam (like DNBCET, FMGE, AIPGMEE, PDCET or CMS)you want to buy tests for.

Step 3: Choose the enrolment plan you like and click the signup button. Now login with your username and password you will see a pop up where you can enter your Phone number and promo code click buy in the next page click Proceed to payment gateway. In payment gateway page choose a desired password if you are new to PayUMoney. Then choose a payment method (Netbanking, credit card etc) and proceed with your payment. After successful completion of payment you will be redirected to our Quiz/Test section you can check the credit in your account section.

Step 4: Attempt/read the test/notes you have just bought.

Yes we do provide free tests. To access free tests/notes simply register yourself with us then login with your username and password now goto Quiz/Test section you will see free tests in your account attempt them and see your performance. Similarly you can check Notes section to read our Free Notes.
Visit our Facebook page regularly to know what all discount/promo coupon we are giving. When you buy any test/notes from us type the promo code and apply it now proceed as usual to buy.
Register yourself then login in Quiz/Test section now you will see free tests attempt them as many times you want. to access FREE notes Login then click Notes tab read our FREE Notes as many times you want.
Attempt our FREE or PAID mock or subject wise tests after submitting your test go to Rank section choose the group and test type to see how you have performed against others. Note If you come under Top 3 in any test you will hear from us as we give FREE gifts to our Top rankers every month.

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