All New FMGE 2016 Mock Tests

All New FMGE 2016 Mock Tests

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ONLINE FMGE-MCI SCREENING TEST MOCK TEST 2015 important topics for DNB-CET, AIPGMEE, FMGE, DNB-PDCET, UPSC-CMS online medical examination .

Extra renal manifestations of ADPKD include all except
A.saccular aneurysms
B.aortic root and annulus dilation
C.colonic diverticulae
D.splenic cysts
Answer.d.splenic cysts.

A unique form of hemolytic anemia (with spur cells and acanthocytes) can occur in patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis . This is called as
A.kostamann’s syndrome
B.zieve’s syndrome
C.seckel syndrome
D.dubowitz syndrome
Answer.b.zieve’s syndrome.

Aplastic anemia with pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption Read More !